Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Syed Nagli : Life begins here

Syed Nagli, now exist as an important town of JP Nagar district of UP in India. A town with mixed population now provides basic amenities to the villages nearby and is emerging as an important trade place. At the time of my birth it was just a small village but historically it is an ancient village with rich cultural heritage. The Nagliets have proved their importance from time to time and many characters have left the deep scars on the pages of history.
It was some time the period when Sikander Lodi ruled over north India with Delhi as his capital when a family migrated from Termez (Uzbekistan) found a refuge in the forests near Sambhal(a town near by). The family was headed by Syed Mir Mohammed Baquiri, Haji Al Harmain, al Temezi al Hussaini. He soon found Sikander Lodi with him, who was on an expedition. When he met Termezi, he took him as a Sufi Mystic but soon realized that the person he met was not only highly educated but also a man of high spirit and military excellence.
Lodi was in one of his most difficult times and he grabbed the opportunity as a golden chance.He asked Termezi to lead an expedition against his rebel son and the ruler of Narwar Kot near Gwalior. First Termezi refused but couldn’t resist the will of a ruler. He left his family with a will. Later a finger with a ring was dispatched to the family as a symbol of his martyrdom by the ruler. The finger was buried and a place was come to be known as Mazar Syed Ungli (finger) after a tomb was built by Lodi as thanks to the deceased martial.
Mir Mohammed al Baquiri al Termezi will still remain with the people as a footnote on his lineage book (Shajra) whish find its root with Prophet Mohammed (SWA), via 5th Imam Mohammed Baquir (AS), the great grandson of Hazrat Ali ibn Abu Talib (AS). He quotes in his will that his descendants may never be harmed by any deadly animal nor they will find themselves in a misery, unless and until they leave this place; later to be known as Said Nagli.
Although many people left the place in search of livelihood and higher education but none from his lineage separated himself from the roots. Many of them touched the heights of glory in the field of Sciences, Politics, Arts, literature and Administrative skills. I will devote a chapter to those great names from my native place who made Nagliets feel proud of them and at the end they all rest in peace on this holy land of great martyr, Syed Mir Mohammed Baquiri Haji al Harmain al Termezi al Hussaini; My beloved Syed Nagli


VIPIN said...

h...m from nagli and a civil engineer in atomic energy my nagli is gr8.


This is nice piece of historic Information that you have put..
I greatly thank you for such effort..
I think i know Dr. Murtaza of Nagli still practising..

I am Vikas Saraswat S/O Dr. Y.R.Sharma from Said Nagli ..Currently I am Senior Scientific officer at Indian Forensic Organisation.