Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mir Syed Ali Zafar Baquiri al Termezi

He had great ability to organize, to mobilize, and to lead. He had courage to fight for right. He lived a dignified life and died with honor. Never compromise with his ideology and never let the way to corruption in his life, Syed Ali Zafar is recognized well long after he left this world.
Born in the family of repute he started his life as an engineer in UPPCL. Was the founder member of Hydro Electric Employees Union, PWD Employees Union of UP and lot more to count upon in Private organizations and PSU’s. Till life he remained a devoted cadre of INTUC.
He was the third of six sons to Maulvi Syed Mir Murtaza Hussain al Baquari al Termezi.
Also he is well remembered for his social behavior and the work done for the downtrodden people. His memories remain alive with people all around the country for all the services he made to them. He is no more but his teachings and the ideology stand tall infallible grand light tower that guides us to do better.

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