Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Grandfather; Mir Maulvi Syed Murtaza Hussain al Baquiri al Termezi

It wasn’t a grand occasion but was also not less then it. Mir Maulvi Syed Murtaza Hussain was informed about a birth of a son to Mir Syed Ali Zafar Baquiri, his third son. Although my birth place was Amroha but there were similar celebrations in Amroha, Syed Nagli (my native village) and Gajraula (where my father was posted in UP State Electricity Board as Cable Engineer).
Maulvi Murtaza Hussain had witnessed all the highs and lows of his life till the. He was the witness of the great National movement to get rid of foreign rule. He had witnessed the communal drift, the partition of the country and migration of his compatriots to the new political state i.e. Pakistan.
Maulvi Saheb was regularly advised to leave the country and secure a good future in Pakistan by he denied the proposal every time. He was a cool man who believed in destiny. He also had a deep affection to his land of ancestors, their graves and belongings that he may never had met in Pakistan. Despite of heavy losses, annexing of his land holdings and loss of pension he opted to live in the land of his birth. The place which was guaranteed by his forefather Mir Syed Mohammed Baquiri, Haji al Harmain al Termezi al Hussaini, as a best refuge against economic and natural dangers. He was right to believe in himself because despite of all the hardships he faced, he managed to bring up his children in line with his family legacy.
His grandfathers were also the man great character. Mir Syed Ghalib Ali al Baquiri, his great grandfather was a learned man and was the landlord. During British regime he was delegated the magisterial powers to settle the local disputes. But during the great mutiny of 1857 he3 opted to go with the rebellion. Bakht Khan, the leader of mutiny found refuge in his home along with Shahzada Mirza Firoz Bakht, the son of Mughal Emperor Abu Muzaffar Sirajuddin Mohammed Bahadur Shah Zafar, after the failure of mutiny. The duo remained for three days along with their soldiers until a betrayer from Hasanpur informed the Nawab of Rampur and the local British resident. Mir Ghalib Ali was stripped of his land holdings and magisterial powers. He was convicted on the charges of rebellion and was awarded a capital punishment by lower court of Moradabad. The charges were later lifted off by the Privy Council but he was denied to regain his status as landlord and a local magistrate.
Murtaza Hussain was second of his three brothers Mir Syed Mujtaba Hussain al Baquiri and Mir Syed Mujahis Hussain al Baquiri. His primary education was from a seminary, a local Howza and later he specialized in comparative religion and polity. A brave man and a learned scholar Mir Murtaza Hussain al Baquiri al Termezi led a dignified life facing the threats from time and his own people but he never lost his calm. The tradition follows in the family till date. His sets of high moral conduct, sound character and social behavior still stand as a light house for the highly esteemed family of Mir Syed Ghalib Ali al Baquiri al Termezi

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