Thursday, April 23, 2009

AMU Central Canteen

IN ALIGARH Muslim University and not with me, surely you are missing something. Life has different shades and colours in my company. The iridescence of love, the shadows of sorrow, the blunders of a carefree life and illusions about the future - one can experience every single aspect of his existence. Some love, some ignore but no one hates me.
Philosophers say that ’Beauty never lasts long’, whereas my perception is, ’Beauty is forever’. I am an exemplary figure to prove that age erodes neither your qualities nor your beauty. If you are humble enough you will not only be admired by all but every one will love you and I can assure that I am the humblest; always ready to welcome everyone with open arms. Since my existence I have not only been the centre of attraction but any beauty queen can feel jealous of my ever-growing list of admirers. Whether she be Cinderella, Mona Lisa, Cleopatra or even Mumtaz or Aishwarya, all pale when compared with me.
My affair with Ashfaq is a decade old but this doesn’t effects my relations with Nusrat, Qasam, Mansoor, Yasser, Anas, or Jawed.
For Nusrat, I am a best friend who gives him relief from his depression; for Mansoor, Qasam and Jawed, I am a best friend to enjoy a ’time pass’ with and for Anas and Aqeel, I am the one to understand their thoughts. Even Nasser, a dishwasher, spares some moments to share along with his friends. I love his childish games. He may not have gone to school for one but with me he tries to learn the lessons of life.
I have space for everyone in my heart. Just come to me and feel the difference in your life. No depression, no tensions, just the funny emotions; inspiring everyone to lead a happy life.
I was not always as I am today. In my early days at Aligarh, I was thought to be a part of the elite section. With time, I changed my nature and attitude. Now I find that I have some better reasons to survive. For years I have been witnessing severe changes around myself but I stood tall, infallible and I will survive in times to come.
I am the old Picture gallery now known as your beloved AMU Central Canteen.

28 Jun 2008

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