Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Filmsaaz Experience

A date with Muzaffar Ali have been a long lived dream for a man like me. I had wanted to meet him earlier. I had some questions in mind regarding his well known endeavour, Umrao Jan. For long I had been trying to pen down a note on the portrayal of courtesans in Indian cinema in cultural prospective. Filmsaz 09 at AMU provided me an opportunity but I missed. I had submitted a film 'Mahatma" based on the story by Bhishm Sahni, which I had made as part of my studies. To my utter surprise the film got me an award which I had never expected. Film for me was a big failure, after I had some problems with my lead character, Ashfaq Hamidi. Once I had decided to drop the film but later finished it just as a rough task. It is not film that may attract many and never finished as i had liked. But every failure is a new lesson to life and so is Mahatma. It will always inspire me to do something better and with my own picked team in future at least once, I will try to go for good film.

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