Monday, April 20, 2009

Muharram in Syed Nagli

Syed Nagli is one of the very first place to witness the Muharram mourning in Northern India. The very first mourning for the grandson of Prophet Muhammed (swa) took place some 600 years ago. Oldest of the Hussainiyas in Syed Nagli, Azkhana Musmmat Fatima dates back some 150 years back. Mir Ghalib Ali Baquiri was behind the construction of this Hussainiyah. In an urgent need of renovation this was the first place from where the very first Muharram possession took place. It was most probably when Hakim Yakchasm, accompanying general Bakht Khan in the mutiny of 1857 insisted to do so. Presently this Hussainiyah is the centre of Azadari in the town.
Mir Ghalib Ali, Mir Zafar Ahsan, Mir Ghulam Rasool are among the dignitaries buried in the graveyard just adjacent to this Hussainiyah.

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