Wednesday, April 29, 2009

An Obituary to AMU Central Canteen

She is no more. Our beloved AMU central canteen has passed away. No way had she deserved such a silent death but it happened. Our Cleopatra was silently killed and no one came to her rescue. All her lovers left her in last time.
I cannot understand what happened to all those admirers who used to shed their love over her? Mercilessly she was poisoned by the authorities. The administrators ignored her status and the people remained tight lipped!!! It is unbelievable.
Last time I attended her, she was looking healthy and young as ever, surrounded with many of her admirers. This will happen in no time is out of my mental sphere. The more I try to look into the matter, more I am confused.
May be the met her fate in the same way all the beauties used to. This brutal world is the admirer of outer beauty. In this materialistic world no one is there to look after an aged. Once the beauty is lost women has no value. But she wasn’t a prostitute. She loved all out of grace. Her love was like a torrential rain, equal and just for all.
But I think she may have been misunderstood. Girls were jealous of her beauty and so did many of the people. Authorities couldn’t bear up her burden. In today’s mean world no one has time for real parents so how can we hope for the part time care takers to come up for her rescue. If the care taker is an imported man with different culture surely we should not expect anything from him. In this case the care taker of the house is a man with different culture and he has nothing to do with our golden traditions, I think so. If he had some love our beloved shouldn’t have died this way. Alas… it is too late. All we can do is to pray for the demised soul.

Inna Lillah e Wa Inna illaha Raj’un

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