Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bye Bye Bihar Politics from Centre

People are fed up of hate politics and the era of political blackmailing is over. The mandate of election2009 is quite crystal clear. There is no place for political bargainers and the people want to break their deals without any mediator. These elections have also brought to an end the bargaining power of politicians, especially from Bihar.
For last few days we were hearing a lot about the kingmakers but the public has turned them to pawns of no use. I am afraid what will Lalu ji, Ramvilas Paswan and Nitish Kumar will do now. They are left with no job. For last few days they were doing quite well in media and earned lot of media space. Surely this will continue for few more days. This time not for good but they will be in news for their sympathetic condition. Ramvilas Pasvan was running the Ministry of Steel and fertilizer as his private ownership. Similar was with Lalu ji. Now they will have to run street to square for at least three years, jobless and without media attention. Till the next assembly elections in Bihar the Kingmaker duo cane play chess because they will still have a spare time after meditation and brainstorming sessions over their defeat in Bihar. Lalu ji will face more problems because now they are left with no limelight. Even the shadows depart in bad times. Lalu is now government less, ministry less and relatives less creature (as Sadhu etc. were cunning enough to leave him alone)
There is a suggestion for Lalu ji. He can open a Charvaha School in Patliputra where he can revise his election management lessons. He can ask for the help from his associates from Railway ministry who had projected him as media guru.
There is one more regional Satrap from Bihar Nitish Kumar must surely be thinking about his spoken words of last few days. He was asking for the special status for Bihar in lieu of his support (although practically this was more an offer of special status for himself). He is surely a loser now. Had he opted to go with UPA and had put some restrictions on his actions and words (including a famous handshake with Narendra Modi) he must have been the happiest man today. Like Lalu he also missed the train. Lalu may have been well adjusted by UPA respectfully hadn’t he dumped the Congress in Bihar coalition. Even his act must have ignored but he was to dig his own grave later by uncontrolled flow of his words. He may regret now and may find some plac3e in the new government but surely he has no ethical right to do so. Similar is with Paswan and Nitish.
This may end up in the political death of bargaining Bihar. For the first time in the History of democratic India, Bihar will have no say in the central politics. Surely no rail will run through Bihar nor any ministry, and all thanks to the outspoken Bihar leadership.
The Bihar will be the real loser, the state that is in grave urgency of development. Nitish may have some reasons to satisfy himself (the Bihar government and the good M.P count) but this is not enough for the poor Bihari people who have often been embarrassed by their political leadership. The Bihari leaders to their credit only have a long tongue and demagogy that in turn have ruined the state over years. It will be wrong to say that they weren’t given any opportunity. They got more then they deserved but they didn’t use it for the people’s welfare, rather they used it for their personal gains.
Now the time has come when these people should understand the people’s demand. Especially Lalu ji and Paswan should use their time for strengthening themselves with people’s support. The defeat they have faced should be treated as an ample opportunity to reconsolidate their positions; otherwise they will be lost into the pages of history as many of the signs of the world’s oldest democracy Patliputra

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