Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What is My Crime?

He is just fifteen and his new address is Moradabad District Jail. He may have been preparing for his exams along with his brother, who may be his cell partner for the same crime and has a same story.
His only crime is that his family wasn't rich enough to pay their school fees that may not be more then two hundred rupees. For the purpose they found a job with the person who was involved in the business and manufacturing of pesticides. It is the story of a boy who belongs to the so called rich and fertile area of Western UP. Raju ( changed name) may even not find a guaranter to bail him out because his family lacks the resourses and even a social repute. He has been arrested by Gajraula Police in JP Nagar District from his village Shahbazpur. IT is the very same story of the state where government is busy in publicising about the social welfare state and the so called developement. May be the state Cheif Minister Behan Mayawati ji may not have time to read about these poor victims of destiny but surely there may be many such stories all around.
These lads are only the victims whereas the real culprit has flown away. Some day he may be arrested and soon will be bailed out. But the future of Raju and his brother will surely find no bright light from this day.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Save Ganga and Save the Wetland

Ganga, considered as one of the holiest river in India is dying of its divine attributes. Those who pray Ganges as their deity river often leave its banks dumped with all sort of garbage. Very few people know about the bio diversity and the wild associated with the holy river.
Just about 80 kilometers from national capital Delhi is Garhmukteshwar. It is here at Brijghat is situated the Wetland notified area that stretches up to Narora, a place famous for India's Nuclear facility. This total area of approximate 25690 kilometers is the house to famous Gangetic Dolphin, deadly Crocodiles, Ducks and birds all total in 89 as notified by the wild life. All these poor creatures are at the mercy of Mr. Humane. Devotees come to Ganges, take bath and behind they leave polythene, detergents and all sort of rubbishes they can. Industrial Garbage that pour into the river at various points right from Haridwar add more worries. At Brijghat nearby Gajraula Industrial area and its units have left all the the problems to care for the environmentalists.
Sanjiv Pal a local man running Paryavaran Sachetak Dal Says that recent count says that there are only 49 Dolphins left in this notified belt. Crocodiles are extinct and even it is a rare scene to get some homely birds, he adds.
Another feedback comes from VP Baghel, another environmentalist. He says that Ganges is not only the worry. Nearby Hastinapur Century notified area is on papers. One can hardly find a wild animal here. Biodiversity is only good to talk in seminars and in reality no one cares.
Although on 2nd february the small band of environmentalists tried to generate some curiosity. They organized a march from Brijghat to Narora and tried to convince the local people that it is for their good only they are talking to save the wetland and Hastinapur Century.
We need no external interference nad we should be allowed to take care of our self says Rajesh Goel another one from Gajraula. The area should
be treated as the Jungle and should be scheduled by the Parliament he demands.