Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How I got my name?

Everything is in a name as is the only attribute that a man can claim to be his own and attribute it to his identity and the very first gift he receives from his family and the society.
Jean Jacques Rousseau, a famous philosopher says that man owes nothing to himself, even his name that is often given by the family and attributed to him by the society. One can have many names but his identity will be attributed to the one that gets the recognition from the society.

“I don’t know how I got my name”, says Sandeep Mishra alias Sandy. “My mom started calling me Sandy and so my neighbors”, he says adding that now only his office mates know his original name and even close relative are e unaware of Sandeep.

There are many people like Sandeep and some of them have even forgotten their real names. Ask them, and they will tell they name by which they are referred with even if they hate they word.

“People call me chavanni’, says Raju, a boy working at a tea stall. ‘I hate this word but cant do anything and I have grown habitual of it”, he adds.

Very few people know how and why they got the distinguished name for themselves and many of them even remain unaware of its meaning. Some of them puzzle all through their life for the reasons, why they were tag specifically. But the name is name and no one can survive without this label, from whatever source he may have attained it.

“In our times a priest used to suggest the names or the elders in the family made the choice”, says Jarnail Singh, who got his name because his grandfather wanted him to be high ranking official in army and for him General was Jarnail.

Naming a child once was a sacred ritual and the names originated from the sacred texts, attributed to Gods and Goddesses and saints. War heroes, the kings and queens and the divine characters had followed them as the second choices.

But the time has changed so the method of naming a man. Joint families exist no more and rarely the priests are consulted. Professor google and other search engines have replaced the age-old system. Those who are not tech savvy, they rely upon their knowledge about film stars, the star players and the famous politicians to name their child, and the name game goes on.

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