Thursday, December 2, 2010

School Phobia

India registers one of the highest dropout rates in schools at primary level and it is often credited to the faulty system and the fear among students.

Fear of punishment and lengthy homework force many of the students to leave their studies midway suggests some surveys. Fear of homework and punishment for unfinished work create school phobia among the kids. Most of try easier ways to escape this phobia.

"I left my studies after my teacher humiliated me during the assembly for my unfinished homework", says Ravi alias Chhotu who now works with a motor mechanic. "For last two years I am here and have no regrets for leaving the studies", he adds.

Another student Amol (name changed) tried a different trick to escape the punishment for his incomplete homework. He made a hoax call to the school, claiming that he is from Mumbai and has placed a bomb in school premises. Later through surveillance police traced the origin of the call, the whole story was revealed.

"Sometime teachers try solve the problems their own way", says Dr. Seema Sharma, a child psychologist. "They lack the skills to tackle the child and this results in much bigger problems", she adds.

Experts in the field of education suggest orientation program for the teachers too. As says Dr. Shivani Singh, a professor in Education
"Teachers shapes the society and before he starts his job, he himself should be in a good shape.

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