Thursday, December 2, 2010

Innovation is Fashion

If you believe that to be fashionable, one needs money, then its time to change your thought as little innovation can add colors to your life and you feel lot ahead of others.

In the era when people have gone mad for the brands, homegrown fashion must have become the utopian concept; instead it is quite popular, especially with the youngsters. Youth in the city seems to be celebrating the ‘Think Hatke’ euphoria. Surprisingly youth go beyond general imagination while creating a fashion trend. For instance necklace being as wristband, rubber band as bracelet can shock even the fashion industry legends.

“Brands cannot give the variation, whereas I don’t believe in being stereotyped”, says Rajat Jain, a student. “I have found a way in innovation and I try to find a fashionable accessory in everything I find on street and even at home”, he adds.

It looks as if there is an innovative fashion designer in every individual. They do it as if it is a child play and comes out with new designs and trends.

“Material is available everywhere and one need to arrange them in order to get something new” claims Shaheen Zehra, perusing Business course. “ I just arrange and re- arrange a set of beads to get a new necklace everyday” she says.

There are many others who remain away from the fame of being an originator but many of such stuff becomes quite popular. One such occurrence comes from the village Mundali in western UP. Ashraf Abbas, a local crafted a necklace from the seeds of Melia Azedarach (Bakayan). An exporter who ordered him 50000 more such necklace instantly picked up the innovative creation.
Another local, Iram claims that she fixed her ear rings into her necklace and everyone was anxious to know the shop, from where they can get it. “My ear ring need to be repaired and I was just inspecting that, when an idea came to me”, she says. I just plucked the outer leafs from it and fused them with my chain to get a new necklace”, she says.

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