Saturday, December 25, 2010

Living with ajab ghazab identities

How correct was Shakespeare when he said, “What’s in the name”, if we go through the words by which certain places and persons are tagged with denotes their identity.

Who may not be confused to listen the Ajab , Ghazab and Vichitra names (which means strange) to identify a person, but these are among the popular names in western UP, where in almost every village there is one or the other Ajab Singh or Vichitra Kumar. To add on these typical rural names there are words like Lathait (cane stick) Singh, Jhunde (wild grass) Singh. There are Buddhu (fool), jumma (Friday) and also Bundu, Chandu, Chhajju, Rajju, Bijju, Natthu and Billu who even themselves cannot explain the meaning of their name, but they are called like this only.

“Often people were not used to take a trouble to find a name’, says Dr. Mohammad Ghazi, a linguist adding that in older times people were simple and often named their child on the day or the month they were born like Muharram (first month of Urdu Calendar) Ali, Sawan (a month in Hindi calendar) Lal and Kartik (another Hindi month) Singh.

Not even the human beings even places carry some strange tags for their identity. A village carries a name Bawli which in Hindi is denoted to a person who has lost his mind. There are Mundali, Dhikoli, Jhunda Mafi, Lawad, Nagli, Chhollas, Jharcha, Nangloi, Kudey Mafi, Munda Pande, Chhajlait, Jirauli, Wawai and Ikrotia. These words may not be found in any dictionary or encyclopedia of any language but they exist in this very world.
“Name of places are not same as they were originally named”, says Ramnath Sharma Raman, a poet and a historian. “Actually the name get distorted with times and linguistic errors’, he adds.

Whatever may be the reasons but the human and destination chronology often confuses our minds. But we are like this only and not today but for ages. These are the colors of life and our culture. So next time you go through such a name just take it as a ray from iridescence and never try to mingle your mind behind the meanings

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