Tuesday, December 21, 2010

No safe road in Meerut

There is no safe road to pass through in Meerut, a city with highest density of private registered vehicles in western UP region and the worst roads to drive.

With almost two Lakh registered two wheelers and approximately 30,000 registered private cars, roads in the city remain clogged with traffic all around the day. To worsen the traffic situation more then 3500 tempos and auto rickshaws run on the city roads., along with 400 hundred city transport buses150 school buses. The city roads almost crumble every day with the burden of 4 Lakh veicles on them.

Interestingly, to manage this traffic on roads the traffic department has sanctioned the staffs of only 100 men out of them just 60 are available in present date. For these sixty men there is just one traffic car in the name of resources.

On an average the accidents cost at least one life a day on the city roads and another 5 are injured. According to the traffic department most of those who fell prey to accidents are found violating the traffic norms. The records of emergency admissions at Lala Lajpat Rai Medical College suggest that most of the victims were under age and were driving the two wheelers. Also most of those who lost their life were not wearing the helmets.

This data suggests that neither the traffic department is well equipped nor the citizens are properly educated in traffic rules and regulations. Although the officials responsible for the smooth functioning of the traffic claim that they do more then enough to minimize the accident risks.
“We focus mainly on educating the youth about the traffic norms”, claims Sudheer Kumar Singh, SP (Traffic) while adding that they have a traffic park to educate the children about the road signs and the rules. Also he claimed that his staff works round the clock for the smooth running of transport on city roads.

But the blood-bathed roads of city seem to falsify these claims and suggest that the traffic department is ill equipped to guard 1400 kilometers of municipal, cantonment and PWD roads through which the citizens run day and night.

“At most of the busy road crossings one may not find even a constable to guard”, says Dr. Dinesh Singh, a professor in CCS University. “ The population of the city is rising day-by-day and so the traffic, but not the number of traffic policemen”, he adds.

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