Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Teachers discard Morals, favor Realistic Approach

Educationalists in Meerut initiated a debate over shaping the moral conduct of children and the society and refused to take over the responsibility, saying that their duty is to make the student realistic, so that he may sustain in the present corrupt scenario

Educationalists sparked a new debate over the inclusion of Moral education in teaching plan after some participants flouted the idea as outdated and irrelevant in a seminar organized on Monday at Western UP Chamber of Commerce in Industry.

Organized by the department of education of the Apex institute of Management and Research, in the seminar “Teacher’s Role in the Context of Present Social Scenario”, the seminar was to discuss the future role for the students who want to pursue the career as a teacher. But a Professor R.P Bhatnagar, the ex-head of the department of education in CCS University and now the member in many panels related with higher education, sparked a new row by suggesting the audiences to discard the concept of morality and ethics from the educational process.

“It is not the duty of a teacher, rather let the student pick for himself the set of morals whatever suits them”, said Professor Bhatnagar from the dais. “Teacher should focus on clearing the concepts related with the subject”, he suggested while adding that the excess of morality in a student leads him to a failure. Also he suggested that students should rather be practical in order to sustain in the present scenario where the whole system is corrupt.

The idea of professor Bhatnagar was applauded and supported by most present on the dais. Most of them supported the idea that the teacher should look for the mental and educational development only.

“Let the family and society shape the morality as it is their primary duty”, said Dr. Suraksha Pal, the Dean and head in the department of education in CCS University. Although she accepted that teachers too have some role to play in shaping the morals for society, but he comes last in the hierarchy comprised of family, neighbors and the society along with them.

Interestingly, most of the scholars and academicians supported the idea to discard the concept of moral education. Very few opposed and that too in a very weak tone.

“It is a sort of illusion”, claimed Dr. Ganga Sharan Sharma, ex-head in the department of education at N.A S College. “May be Professor Bhatnagar was frustrated with the system”, he added while claiming that Professor Bhatnagar in his times always favored morality and now his words are more in sympathy for his obedient disciples
Whatever may be the reasons, but Professor Bhatnagar has raised a question that need to be answered. Society looks towards the teachers to shape the moral values and if they are not ready to accept the responsibility, then who, is the major concern now.

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