Friday, December 24, 2010

Teachers, please end the rule of stick

For long educationalists are constantly trying to chalk out a system where the students shall be allowed to grow naturally without fear and burden of studies, but most of these approaches are child centric, ignoring the behavioral and psychological studies of the teachers.

Some three thousand years ago, Greek philosopher Plato drafted a plan, thought to be the first human effort to comprehensively design the education system and the curriculum. Since then, various scholars have drafted hundred of plans, but rarely anyone talked about the behavior of teachers or their psychoanalysis.

“Teacher is an axis of any educational system”, claims Professor Suraksha Pal, while suggesting that the education system should be learner oriented. “If the teacher has some behavioral problem, he will spoil the entire system, she adds. In addition she suggests that education system should be learning oriented instead of teaching oriented and the teacher should be an impressionist.

Most of the educationists while suggesting the reforms in system favor no-punishment format in schools, as they feel that punishments are not the solution but the problem itself. Jeremy Bentham (1748) called the punishment as revenge. He suggests that teacher should be reformative in action and not punitive.

"Imparting an education is a two way communication process", says Dr. Shivali Agrawal, a Professor in Political Science. "Teacher is as important as the student. But I feel that punitive measures are avoidable and also that no teacher feels happy while punishing his student", she adds.

But question remains intact that how to deal the students and does the punishment become inevitable in certain cases and does the teacher loses the ground of morality, once he punishes his ward.

"After all teacher is also a humane", says Professor Beer Singh, an expert in human psychology. "Sometime he can get irritated with students behavior and minor issues shall be neglected.” He adds while suggesting that the teacher should learn to control his emotions and in no case he shall go violent against the kids.

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