Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Social (Business) networking

Local small business entrepreneurs in Meerut are rushing to popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and myspace for business promotion and expansion.

With rising number of Internet users in India, the local corporate groups and entrepreneurs are busy in exploiting the social sites for their business development.

With more then 10 million net users in India, 650 million global users and many more joining in everyday, Internet family is growing with a fast pace. An average time the Internet users devote is also on a rise. To exploit this growing trend for the net, more and more business organizations are turning to it for their business advantage. Not only they are placing their personalized advertisement but also they are using social sites to grow their network.

“I have found more then 25 clients on the Facebook for my small apparel business” says Shahzad Ahmed. “My network is growing and I can hope to reap the harvest in a better way”, he adds.

Actually the mathematics of social sites is very simple. People look for like-minded people through auto generated friend suggestions and placing the personalized advertisement that are free on many social sites. Also people are targeted through personal messages.

“ Whenever I have a new design or a new product launch, I inform all the members of my network about it,” says Rajiv Singh, a kitchen plastic ware manufacturer. “ I do it for suggestions and feedback, also I get some clientage from it”, he adds.

Another reason being quoted for the social business networking is that the net users devote much of their time with such sites. An average net literate spend at least an hour a day on social networking, according to a recent survey.

“Also it is convenient, cheaper and effective medium to reach your target audience”, says Naveen Jain, a brand promotion manager with an MNC. “Those who cant afford costly ad-campaigns and brand promotion exercise have a best option to join a networking site’, he adds.

Not only for brand promotion, feedback or clientage by the entrepreneurs, consultants and vendors are also using social sites, as it allows them to keep a regular touch with their customers and sharing the business tips.
“Almost half of my customers remain available on social sites for most of the day”, says Pradeep Mitra, a financial consultant, who claims that the social sites have helped him to grow his clientage. “I even share ideas with many of my group members”, he adds.

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