Thursday, November 27, 2014

Future of Muslim Politics in India

Recent poll results have been devastating for the second largest majority of India. Muslims in India are in despair and there seems no way to come out and struggle against the saffron forces. They are in confusion, whether continue to support secular forces or draft a communal agenda for themselves too.
Poll success of BJP in recent assembly and Parliamentary elections has shattered the political aspirations of the community that had started to live with democracy. They are in catch twenty two positions with three obvious options before them. The first one is to accept the defeat and wait for their chance. Second is, accept the reality that they fall well short in number and be practical to leave politics and the third one is to continue their fight despite all the bumpy situations.
Obviously, first two options seem more realistic but not practical. Although, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan had long way back realized the issue and the upcoming realities. Sir Syed advised the Muslims in India to remain aloof of politics till they attain a social status for themselves. So, did Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who felt that minorities can’t sustain in one man one vote system of democracy. They were right in their perceptions. Surely, the wars are fought either on numbers or on quality. Muslims in India lack the both. But this doesn't mean that there is no way. Muslims are at fault of not recognizing the real problem in time and sorting the remedy for it. Basic thing is that they should not only learn to live with a political system but also they should learn the rules to live in it

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